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Time and Space

This piece was created for the opening gala of the new opera house in Oslo, and was a collaboration with NRK (the Norwegian State Television Channel)


Dancers: Sissel Westnes, Jan de Miranda, Hayley Laura Forskitt, Ole Willy Falkhaugen, Gina Storm-Jensen, Syvert Garcia

Music: The lyric pieces In ballad vein and to spring from Grieg

Yoko Toda on piano

Costumes: Signe Vasshus


From the press:

“The opening work Kristian Støvinds Time and Space was a unique videopresentation of stage and site specific choreography using three generations of dancers” Dance Europe

“Time and Space represents a beautiful transition between old and new, shown with respect an historic nostalgia. A titbit presented on a large tv screen.”  Kulturspeilet

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