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This thing called Ballet

In this piece, the constructed dancing body is depicted through multiple perspectives; as subject and object and the idea of the detailed control of one's own body, images are given through dance, video and sound. The rigorous formal requirements of ballet, and the necessity of changing perspective, have been the basis for this creation - and not least the urge to occasionally push boundaries.

The ballet starts and ends in Edgard Degas’ traditional belief of the ballet dancer and symbolizes a circuit that represents most ballet dancers' everyday life.

Choreography/videodesign: Kristian Støvind
Music: Beethoven, Piano sonata no. 30
Costumes: Hege Pålsrud
Lightdesign: Paul Vidar Sævarang
Sounddesign: Charles Rinaudo
Created for The Norwegian National Ballet 2
Photo: Erik Berg
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