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The Tempest

The Tempest was a collaboration with the Norwegian Operas children choir and the Norwegian National Ballet school. The Performance was based on The Shakespeare play with the same title, though mostly focusing on the Miranda and Ferdinand characters.

Music: Nils Henrik Asheim

Libretto: Rune Belsvik

Director: Gunnar Bergstrøm

Choreography: Kristian Støvind

Scenography: Silje Sandodden Kise

Costumes: Grete Rustad

Light design: Jakob Christensen

Video design: Robin Hagen

Dancers from The Norwegian National Ballet school

Singers from The Children Choir of DNOB

Musicians from the Orchestra of DNOB in collaboration with the Junior orchestra of Barrat Dues you talents 

From the press: "Strong and vibrant meeting between art forms" Aftenposten

Stormen - fortellingen omMiranda og Ferdinand (The Tempest) was the winner RESEO Opera for Young Audiences Award 2014

Photo: Jörg Wiesner
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