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The Ice Palace

The Ice Palace is based on a modern classic novel, written by the norwegian writer Tarjei Vesaas.

This story tells the tale of Siss and Unn, two friends who have only spent one evening in each

other's company. But so profound is this evening between them that when Unn inexplicably

disappears, Siss's world is shattered. Siss's struggle with her fidelity to the memory of her friend and

Unn's fatal exploration of the strange, terrifyingly beautiful frozen waterfall that is the Ice Palace.

Siss: Lisa Nielsen                                      

Unn: Victoria F. Amundsen

and members of the Norwegian National Ballet

Music: Terje Isungset

Costumes and set design: Tine Schwab

Lightdesign: Øyvind Wangensteen

Dramaturg: Bibbi Moslet

From the press:


“The music, set design, the movements – everything works when the Ice Palace is danced at the

Opera” Vårt Land

“The Ice Palace has become a understandable, poetic and wondering dance performance. Another

good piece of work by choreographer Kristian Støvind” NRK

“Fire in the Ice” Dagbladet

“Støvind tells the story excellently” VG

Nominated for the critic prize in dance 2012

The Ice Palace
Kristian Støvind

The Ice Palace

Foto: Erik Berg

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