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Salt kyss, syrlig smil og søt musikk

Five couples with five types of candies describes five interpersonal problems in a humorous  way.


Dancers: Line Alsaker, Kristian Alm, Gakuro Matsui, Emma Lloyd, Ole Willy Falkhaugen, Syvert Garcia, Claudia Schreiber, Christopher Kettner, Jørund Langeggen, Kristian Ruutu.

Members of the Norwegian National Ballet


Music: Sinding, Dvorák, Liszt, Chopin and Iron & Wine

Musicians from Barratt Due Musikkinstitutt

Costumes and set design: Tine Schwab

Light design: Øyvind Wangensteen

Dramatic adviser: Bibbi Moslet

Salty kiss, sour smile and sweet music had premiere on March 12th, 2010

Duration: 1h 15 m


From the press:

“Salty kiss and sweet music is completely true”    Aftenposten

“Yet again Kristian Støvind has scored a full house with his ballet Salty kiss, which wildly delivers festive exuberance on many levels”    Kulturkompasset

“The surprises are lined up when the Opera invites to Salty kisses”    Kulturspeilet

“A well stocked candy store”    VG


Nominated for the critic award in dance 2010

dok. salte kyss
Spill video
Video; Kristian Alm
Salt kyss
Spill video