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Romeo + Juliet

An one act performance of this famous story, set to our time and made for a younger audience. This was a collaboration between Kristian Støvind and his colleague Cina Espejord.   


Juliet: Lisa Nielsen / Victoria F. Amundsen

Romeo: Kristian Ruutu / Andreas Heise

Tybalt: Ole Willy Falkhaugen

And members of the Norwegian National Ballet


Music:  Sergei Prokoviev (played by the Opera Orchestra)

Costumes: Kari-Anne Nilssen

Set design: Gabrielle Tillson

Light design: Paul Vidar Sævarang

Dramatic adviser: Bibbi Moslet


Premiere 19. april 2007


From the press:

“The National ballets youth version of Romeo & Juliet involves and touches the audience”   Aftenposten

“The two choreographers have created a beautiful expression, and I hope we will see more dance from both Støvind and Espejord”   Dagbladet

“......elegant and talented choreography”    Kulturkompasset

Spill video
Photo; Erik Berg
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