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Partita for him and her

His first stage production for the Norwegian National Ballet. A ballet that combines two very different partitas for solo violin.


Dancers: Members from the Norwegian National Ballet

Music: Nordheim; Partita für Paul

            Bach; Partita no. 2 Ciaccona

Costumes: Kari-Anne Nilsen

Light design: Vidar Sævarang


Premiere: 8.of September 2005

Duration: 25 min.


From the press:

“Very promising choreography”     Dagbladet

“An extraordinary successful meeting between Bach and Nordheim, and the choreography exploits the atmosphere in the music in an appealing way. This is a ballet that speaks directly to the parts in the brain that controls our deeper feelings”      Varden

“A childlike playfulness and vulnerability is portrayed humorously and eventually gives us an intimate and close interaction between man and woman.

Both the playfulness and seriousness of a couples different stages are depicted clearly”

                                                                     Avisa Nordland

“The dark, mysterious, introspective, feminine and the bright, extroverted, vital and masculine is expressed to Arne Nordheims music. These two qualities meet and break before they at last melt together in sublime harmony to Bachs beautiful music.”


partita for him and her
Spill video
Photo; Erik Berg
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